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p1The apartments are located within the historic Palazzo Sanjust dating back to 1500. The building, adjacent to the Palazzo De Magistris, has two sides: one towards Via Lamarmora and the other towards Via Genovesi. Belonged in the '700 to Cadello, Marquis of San Sperate, the palace was inherited in the nineteenth century by Sanjust. The discreet charm of a building full of history.
This attractive building in the ancient Castle District tells his story since 1500 and today welcomes our apartments. The medieval district of Castello is the symbol of Cagliari. It's the living heart and memory of the city, with its massive walls, massive towers of Pisa San Pancrazio and the Elephant, the narrow streets with ancient palaces, the antique shops and craftsmen and the houses belonging to the medieval past.

Castle District is the city's most exclusive. It's rich in history, art, culture and entertainment for leisure. The Castello district can be the first goal of the visit to the city of Cagliari! The historic district, still partially enclosed within its ancient walls, winds in a location rich in culture and history, along the ramparts where rise the two white medieval towers and open the doors of the city and the location of the intricate streets of ancient Spanish flavor.


Our apartments are in the heart of Castello, a few steps from the monuments captive of the City of Cagliari, almost a must for those who wish to experience the city: the Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the towers of San Pancrazio and the Elephant, the Citadel Museum and the Municipal Gallery. We are just steps from the wonderful sights of the terraces of the Bastion Saint Remy and Santa Croce, with their pleasing spaces reserved for walks, meetings and tastings of local delicacies.

You can easly reach the center of the city, the sea, the railway station and bus station, the port and the airport. The beautiful beach of Cagliari, the Poetto beach, is just 15 minutes, easily accessible with a bus line running from near the train station. Moreover, in less than an hour you can reach the most famous beaches of southern Sardinia, such as Villasimius, Santa Margherita, Chia and others.

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